Phil Le Mon Music (ASCAP)

Looking for a squirrel, a tree, a blade of grass
Giving a headnod to everyone I pass
I'm rocking my street cred like I should
I'm not from the hood, I'm from the woods

Sometimes I say "Yo" to show I'm in the know
But I gotta keep a "ya'll" in my flow
Cause there's someone else for whom you've mistaken me
Oops, correct grammar, how 'bout that's not who I be

Living in the suburbs, happy as can be
Close to the city, but keeping it country

Some folks dis' sophistication
Talk about gettin' above your raisin'
I'm not about all that hostility
I do believe it's all in me

I can be sauve, thugged out, debonair
Down home, uptown, no matter what I wear
I just concentrate on being me
And let people see what they want to see
(But you missed me)

Repeat Chorus

Moving on up, the east side of the USA
Along the Mid-Atlantic, to Northern Virgin-i-a
Repeat 3x

Repeat Chorus



Hear 2 minutes of  "The Suburbs"


Hip-hop's about keeping it real. And I'm from the country, now living in the suburbs.

Production: Hip-hop beats with americana touches.



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