Phil Le Mon Music (ASCAP)

Standing in a corner
There's a breakdown in leadership
Build an ivory tower
Watch the multitudes worship it

A face without a nation
A nation without face
Paint a personality
With a vanity and lipstick case

We're on a moving sidewalk
In an expanding galaxy
If you stand still
You're moving anyway
So take hold of the reins
And guide your shooting star
The worst place to be
Is not knowing where you are

There's a human revolution
It's happening today
Turning the other cheek
Won't make it go away

We've missed our calling
Now's the time of rediscovery
Play your hand and tip the scales
Pretend you are a ministry

Repeat Chorus

No one wants to panic
There's far too much to lose
But there's no respite in Father Time
He's forcing you to choose

So grab a board and hit the beach
This is no time to behave
We're heading toward eternity
So catch the Third Wave

Repeat Chorus



Hear 2 minutes of  "Moving Sidewalk"


Song was inspired by Alvin Toffler's book, The Third Wave

Production: Talking Heads meets The Police and U2



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