Phil Le Mon Music (ASCAP)

I don't know what you're talking about
I'm happy with the way things are working out
I'm just leaving well enough alone
Not stepping out of my comfort zone

You say my life is in a rut
I'm going nowhere fast but
As far as I can see
I'm already where I want to be

Been there, done that
That's not my way
I do the same thing every day
I don't care what hasn't been explored
Thank the Lord I'm happy being bored

You say my whole life is boring
There's a whole world I should be exploring
And even if what you say is true
I've got one thing to say to you

I'm not afraid of taking risks
It's just creating trouble where none exists
Bigger house, faster car, the great unknown
I'm not into keeping up with the Jones

(repeat chorus)

I've got the necessary passion for living
I hope I'm not taking more than I'm giving
I move with purpose, it's my call
Even if that move's no move at all

(repeat chorus 2x)


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